lufeladeWHO WE ARE AND NOT WHAT WE ARE: Lufelade is a small association registered under the Italian legal status of Onlus.  It aims to maintain a constant relationship of support and communication with the communities of Koche, Makawa and Nkunyumbe.  These are satellite villages of Mangochi in Malawi (Africa) which have taken in and accommodated Laura Erculei, founding Head of the association.

HOW IT CAME ABOUT:  The intense and extraordinary experiences lived by Laura in these villages in the summer of 2007 sparked off a series of strong and contrasting sensations.  This left Laura with a disturbing set of unanswered questions which could only be solved by making a dream into reality.  This dream is now Lufelade.  
The name itself has a strong meaning and was created by recomposing two other names.  The first is LULA, which is a star "bought" and renamed by Laura, who dedicated it to platonic love and the love for life.  The second is FEDE, which
means trust, honesty, loyalty and truth in Latin, and is also
the name of the priest who devotes so much energy to this African country.

HOW IT WORKS:  All the initiatives carried out by Lufelade are inspired by love for others and are led with "sincerity".  The main idea is to create a way for communities with different cultures and traditions to interact and in this way learn to get to know one another, to respect one another and to live together.   Respect for diversity and for our neighbours should guide every "thought, word, chore and mission".

WHAT IT'S BECOMING: Lufelade is becoming a philosophy.  This is felt by those who have given life to the project but also by those who have come closer to its spirit over time, offering their precious contributions to help further and fulfil the charity's endeavours.  The responsibilities taken on by the organisation respond to the desire of sharing bright-eyed hopes for the future.  These involve contributing one's own efforts so that each little life can have a dignified existence while at the same time taking its own strides forward.  This is done with our own here-and-now in mind, but even more than that we strive to keep in mind the futures of the sons and grandsons we all share.  This is what Lufelade means, believing that each one of us has these rights and responsibilities in life.  Deep down inside we can all do it.  It is our responsibility to do our best, so that nothing and no-one can make us feel like a number, or make us live a life without commitments, without belief or without hope.  We are not alone.  We have received the gift of life and we should give it back in the most sincere way possible.  Exchange and contact, sometimes even physical contact, stimulate affection, respect, trust and loyalty.
Lufelade means thinking and acting for the common GOOD, with no self interest, inspired by the simple desire to share, contribute, help, grow and give.