In 2007 Lufelade embraced the wonderful initiative promoted by Don Federico Tartaglia (the Father who has worked in Malawi for nine years and is now the pastor of Cesano) who wanted to build a library in Koche, a village in the district of Mangochi in Malawi, Africa. The library at that time had already been made by the structural point of view. It was necessary to fill it with books dealing with all kinds of subjects in English!
Many friends have given Lufelade their generous and valuable contribution to this initiative! The preparation of the Italian National Geographic gave different numbers in English enriching the heritage of the library!
Today the Library of Koch and beautiful, full of books and full of life! Since it was completed, many young people visit you doing Koch a nodal center meeting to share interests and exchange information, knowledge and opinions.
Also right next to the library was converted into a long room and a bit 'close to where you play supplementary lessons and intensive courses of various materials.
In short, a masterpiece that will help give local people the right tools to grow culturally!

If you still have books in English as gifts, Lufelade continues to gather to bring in other parts of Malawi and Namibia!

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