Fill me with color

The project idea FILL ME WITH COLOR was founded in February 2010 when the Association Onlus Lufelade, in the person of Eugenia and Laura, after several visits Moira Grace orphanage in Windhoek, Namibia, noted that the absence of color in the walls of structure was reflected in the eyes of his young guests, 74 orphaned children or children of families with serious social problems.
The color that Lufelade decided to fill these walls with heat to cheer the hearts of those vulnerable children.
After having touted the idea with friends and relatives to try to find money for the project, has come forward all the staff of the security of WFP in Rome who has privately decided to contribute to the expense! We did quote the work by a local company, Exclusive Home Care, presented the budget to Walter, a spokesman for this generous "Rescue Team" and started work in June 2010.
So, after three months of work, the orphanage has changed in appearance! We used the colors that the children have chosen to make the environment more welcoming and warm! The Green with its charge of peace runs hour-long corridor of the orphanage, giving the blue serenity fills the rooms of the boys while the cool ones Rosa girls; the room where the children do their homework and pray 's have strongly wanted to remind the white purity of communication with God, and the playroom finally wears three colors: black, blue and white. Lufelade then decided to cover the costs of the restructuring of the baths, which were in dilapidated conditions and displacement in an area of ​​the washing machines that were dangerous to place on the floor of the shower in the bathroom.
In the photographic section of the diary page of this site have been reported in all stages of the project.


Lufelade wishes to thank all the staff of the Security of the World Food Program in Rome who married our project and privately organized a fundraiser to see it realized.
Thank you very much!

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