Monica's Spring

In December of 2009 Monica died, a woman who unfortunately Lufelade known only as Filippo's wife and mother of Francesca, Alessandra and Benedetta. Filippo on those days  called Lufelade to inform her that the whole family was going to donate all the support received from friends of Monica.

At that time Lufelade was in Malawi to strengthen ties with friends for 3 years now. During his stay, the farm Utawaleza told her to have an urgent need to solve the problem of water for its fields.
The pump that was donated two years ago, it proved to be the appropriate solution to the needs of the farm. The water pump on, in fact, is brackish because caught too deep. Also during the dry season you can not pump enough for irrigation. This amount collected sick and halved absolutely not suitable and sufficient market demand.
 For these reasons, and Kunvana Madalizo, respectively Director and General Manager of the farm, explained the idea and the need to draw water directly from Lake Malawi, which is not so much about the farm.
Lufelade then suggested to Philip use the donations of friends of Monica in order to achieve this need. This was the genesis THE MONICA’S SPRING project.

Our friend Alberto with his technical suggestions helped us to implement the plans in an intelligent and sustainable: the pump, in fact, was positioned close to the lake and away from the farm to maximize the performance of suction of water and reduce the process wear of its components, the pipes that connect the pump to the tank were chosen with a diameter such as to reduce the load losses and ensure the steady flow of water at the correct pressure and desired flow.

From February to September 2010 were taken contacts with suppliers was bought all the necessary material and is a channel was dug in the ground about 2 km that connects the water tank of the farm to Lake Malawi, was built a small house near the lake in which "lives" the pump.

Monica's family gave water and crops healthy and wealthy to the community living around the farm Utawaleza!


In the Diary section of the site were published the steps of the project in pictures and stories as well as documents relating to expenses incurred. Also in this section have been stories, photographs and videos taken two other mini projects with the rest of the donation (€ 83.44) of the family Maccaferri De Liguori Carino: Schoolbus Make Over and Bwalo Likule

THE MONICA’S SPRING .. she breathes the life of the lake and feeds on the ground.

Thanks Filippo.

Thanks Francesca.

Thanks Alessandra.

Thanks Benedetta.

Thanks Gustavo.
Thanks Manuela, Daniela, Anna Maria.

Thanks to all donors, friends of Monica.