Bwalo Likule

The Association Onlus Lufelade during his visit to Malawi of 2008 prepared the draft for BWALO LIKULE (the chichewa way to say "The circle widens"), in collaboration with the teachers of nursery schools in the villages of Nkunyumbe, Koch and Makawa, in the district of Mangochi.
During their stay in Africa was raised in the presentation material that will be useful to begin to tell the school situation of these villages: they are masters of letters, photographs and video dance each class aimed at future parties.
The association intends to propose some Italian nursery and primary schools a twinning project which provides a constant communication between teachers and children.

The objectives are manifold:

- Implement a communication mechanism that works consistently over time and allowing for cultural enrichment and interaction between school structures very different educate interculturalism and rights of all children
- Raising the children from an early age than social realities alien to those who are accustomed to live, addressing the diversity in a constructive manner
- Educate the intercultural and the rights of all children
- Providing the tools necessary for the economic survival of the nursery in question through a minimum contribution of the Italian classes that take part in the project, consider the substantial costs they face for school supplies, for salaries of teachers, cooks and guards, but especially for the food to ensure a varied supply to children

To realize this Lufelade proposes:

- Creating ideas of parallel work that will take shape through constant communication ensured by the group (choice of themes to be developed "here" and "there"), a deadline to be determined, not less than two / three year
- Maintain a constructive correspondence and mutual exchange between the teachers of the classes that will adopt the draft
- Involving children and active in person, looking for and creating opportunities for exchange of materials and work both individually and in groups (theater and music, drawings, crafts, etc..)

The Association has not provided a cost for the project. This inevitably depend on the number of classes to take part. The Malawian nursery schools have to pay monthly expenses amounting to € 250.00 a little more, a little less depending on schools. We would like to help them stay alive even assuming a monthly contribution of € 1.00 per child.
However, we believe more appropriate to discuss with schools that wished to include the project in question.

The Association is committed in the first person in making the exchange at his own expense item and enabling communication in the form of correspondence indiscriminately from Italy and Malawi.

Confident and hopeful to find in the attention of many Italian masters the proper interest in this project we believe in passionately and strongly, the Association Onlus Lufelade thanks you and looks forward to hearing from you.

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