I wish i could do..

I wish i could do.. is a program that the Association Onlus Lufelade began in late 2010 to support the studies of some guys who met while in Malawi in September of that year. The initiative began with Emmanuel, a boy of 13 years old who at that time was waiting for the come out of the results of tests he attended at the end of August (last term of the school year 2009/2010) for admission to high schools state.

THE SCHOOL SYSTEM IN MALAWI works like this: the kindergarten / nursery is privately owned and therefore is not free of charge; the primary school that embraces the school years, ranging from first grade to seven grade is public and free of charge; the high school can be public and affordable although not for the majority of Malawian households, or private that costs essentially unthinkable for an ordinary Malawian family.
The public secondary school admit only the kids who pass the final examinations in primary school and those who pass the test for admission to high school with the best results but limited in number. Students who are not admitted to the public school secondary school and want to study must belong to a reach family or find a sponsor, or are forced to discontinue their schooling.
The private secondary school has high and variable costs that depend on the noble character of the structure and its teachers, the exclusivity of its catchment area addressed only to women than to men, from the comfort of its geographical position, the presence or less than a hostel that can accommodate students from far.

HOW TO INVEST IN THE FUTURE OF CHILDREN: Emmanuel as intelligent and determined, has not passed the exams to enter high school State. Confident in his abilities, Lufelade decided to sponsor his studies, to invest in his future. A family friend married this will and is paying for studies of the boy who chose and was accepted at a private high school near Koche, his village, and then returns home every evening.
Anyone interested in this initiative, please contact us. Whenever Lufelade knows guys who deserve to study because they really want to, it will inform the families who write, recounting the story and illustrating the choice over the school and educational orientation. The goal is to tell the boy/girl the importance of having the opportunity to study and the need to make the most of, but also to get him to fulfill his commitment to an Italian family that sacrifices are not without taking charge of his future.

HOW IS MANAGED THE PROGRAM: In order to optimize and do not throw donors’s money away, but mainly to build a generation that can actually reinvest their knowledge and competence in the future of their country, Lufelade intends to pay the entire school year directly to the schools chosen by the boys, but by controlling the academic performance at the end of each term, looking at the development of their participation in class and their commitment and above all making them aware that if of lack of improvement will no longer sponsor their education.