Rockea: from wine to water

Lufelade is pleased to announce an exciting new project designed in conjunction with Rocca delle Macìe ( and the editor of the online magazine Winesurf (, Carlo Macchi.
Rocca delle Macie is a wine producing company driven by the Zingarelli family (Sergio, Daniela and children Julia and Andrea), who decided to donate the profit of the initiative explained below, to Lufelade.

THE INITIATIVE: Carlo Macchi had the idea to shoot movies about the life of a screw in one of the Sangiovese grape vineyards of Rocca delle Macie and see what happens. The screw has a name and Rockea and is widely followed by wine's fans on the web, for nearly two years. This year he has also thought of filming
​​the winemaking of Rockea and the Zingarelli family decided that this wine could be sold not for profit but rather to raise funds for a humanitarian project.

THE PROJECT This is how the project ROCKEA: FROM WINE TO WATER! is born.
Along the road that connects Mangochi to Monkey Bay in the south of Malawi, an orphanage is in need of water. Taking advantage of the project already realized for the farm Utawaleza, The Source of Monica, Rocca delle
Macìe and Lufelade thought they could achieve the same pumping system for this orphanage.
It 's useless perhaps explain to supporters the importance of investing in a project that supports sustainable development in countries like Malawi. Clean water, for this specific project related to children, means improving hygiene and reducing risk of disease, better nutrition and reduction of problems related to malnutrition.

In the coming months we will keep you updated with photos, videos and many other details come into our hands. In the meantime you can follow the process of wine production on the pages of Rocca delle Macìe YouTube ( / user / RoccaDelleMacie) and the site of Winesurf (

HOW TO ACTIVELY SUPPORT THE PROJECT: Rockea bottles (about 300) will be sold by appointment (because the wine will be ready only in early spring) from Rocca delle Macìe that will inform about the sale and the related fundraising as openly as possible with the above communication conducted by Carlo Macchi on the web. The wine will be priced at € 40.00. The company will retain only the costs of any shipment of wine (about € 10.00 a bottle) for those who request it. All other living expenses (production, packaging, labeling, sale, etc..) will be supported by Rocca delle
Macìe and some of its suppliers who have offered to lend their work, as a contribution to the success of the project.

Lufelade heartily thanks the initiative and generosity of the Zingarelli family!

Remember: drink good wine! Buy Rockea!

Download the file with the details