Hakahana Arts Hub

At the beginning of 2013 Lufelade decided to help Rutendo Mutambirwa opening an NGO in Namibia. On June of the same year we opened the Hakahana Arts Hub, an association under the section 21 of Company Act 2004 of Republic of Namibia.


Is a men born and grew up in Zimbabwe who moved to Namibia looking for a better future since the social and economical situation in his own country is not so good. He found in Namibia the perfect background for his artistic skills. Like many well educated, full of passion and talent, Rutendo started creating fantastic little pieces of arts made with wire and colourful beads. His attention to details made him quite popular with fans of streets art. Many tour operators and lodges gave him to create thousands of beads creations for the tourists; one of his piece was asked to be exposed at the National Gallery for the “Land Matters in Arts” exihibition; some of the local artists ask for his cooperation to realize unique art pieces. Rutendo makes many of the gifts of Lufelade for your occasions.

He also has a huge passione and love for children and he thinks it is important to share and pass them his passion and talent. He shared with us his will of doing that and together we thought about this Hub to be used by the streets children of the Windhoek ghetto. That’s how the Hakahana Arts Hub is born. Hakahana is a Herero word that means “hurry”.


On October 2014 Lufelade sent € 700,00 to build the hub that was finished on January 2015. Just after few days the building was completed, Rutendo started his activities with the children. They go every day from 14:00 to 17:00/18:00 just after school and they are free to create whatever they want with the material available. Rutendo thought them how to make small necklaces, bracelet, little flowers and little by little they are developing their abilities.



The need is to make the hub totally self sufficient without the continuous support of Lufelade or other possible donors. Because of that Rutendo spends some times also with adult people unemployed or the one who simply like arts. With them he can satisfy the need of the markets, get some money and pay them, buy new materials and carrying on with the activities for the children.



To start the project Lufelade spent € 750,00 for the NGO registration and € 700,00 for the building.

Actually Lufelade is proud to have given trust to Rutendo who proved to have a huge sharing attitude and a great motivation. We want to remind that we gave legal and financial consultancy but for the rest Rutendo did everything by himself: he registered the NGO, he created the logo; he funded a field where to build and he is carrying on the project.
It is once again the proof that we must invest in sustainability.

Thanks donors and friends of Lufelade

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