Bomboniere solidali

Bomboniere solidali


TO SHARE WITH those less fortunate an unforgettable occasion..
The marriage of our friends Silvia and Alessandro introduced Lufelade into the world of Wedding!
The choice of wedding favors solidarity does not respond to the desire to save, rather than the direct expenditure is unavoidable in a project, an initiative or a joint working that aims to help those in need or those in difficulty.
On this page you will find our solutions for your guests to remember with a moment of particular joy!

THINGS MADE IN NAMIBIA: made of wire and colored beads represent the animals present in Africa (lion, elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, rhino), but also bicycles and flowers.
The artists are very good so we could put to other format you prefer to see if they can reproduce.
THINGS MADE IN MALAWI: small paintings representing the various parties to the African dream of the colors and atmosphere.  
ALMOND: clean and pure to symbolize the purity of all things; white and brown to represent and emphasize diversity.
The almonds are packed in paper work with organza yarn raffia to form a flower or a candy.
CUSTOM CARDBOARD recycled paper with three faces.

ARNOLD works the wire with beads. Escaped from Zimbabwe, because of the disastrous economic situation, political and social life of his hometown, he lives here in Namibia, where he found love! He is married to a Namibian girl, and this gives him a work permit.
THOMAS makes the small paintings in Malawi. He is the best artist of the Koche area and he could build his own Art Gallery because his hard work.
SIMONE deals gently in the graphic design and printing of tickets during his work breaks!

COSTS: The Favor of solidarity that Lufelade proposes for your ceremony is entirely manufactured in Namibia or Malawi, Africa.
For your special occasion you can choose to order:

• small animal: € 3.00 per piece  
• small painting: € 5.00 per piece  

ORDERS: To order your Wedding favors you can write to

Laura: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Daniela: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SHIPPING: Provide us with your address and we will send the favor. The costs is on you. We can provide you with different quotation for the shipping so you can choose the one which better suits you.

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